What is the True Identity of Clutchy Hopkins?

Now that we know the story handed down by the official Clutchy Hopkins' sites, we can discuss the theories and more off the wall ideas on the man behind the music and the secret identity of Clutchy Hopkins. The following are some sites that address the mystery of Clutchy Hopkins.

Here's some good sleuthing on Clutchy Hopkins by Patrick Snajder of A World of Logical Consequences. In a nutshell, Snajder calls out Cut Chemist as the culprit (in the conservatory with a wrench).

Here's an entry on Idolator on Clutchy Hopkins that addresses Snajder's theory and offers some possible pitfalls.

An additional entry on Idolator, in which there's an interview with an offical Clutchy Hopkins' Representative who goes by the name of "Seth."

An East Bay Express article, referenced by Snajder and Idolator, that seems to play down a DJ Shadow connection. Or did it?

Listen to a podcast of the Aquarium Drunkard Show with Justin Gage on littleradio.com, in which there's an interview with "Seth" and "Dino," representatives of Clutchy Hopkins. If you're counting the podcast down, the interview fires up around the 112:30 mark. They talk about their friend Bo meeting up with the criminal Percy Crimmons, who claimed he had a crate of recordings that needed to be heard. This was apparently out in Mojave. And this apparently doesn't help us at all.

Bunkre thinks Clutchy Hopkins might be Money Mark.

Gorilla vs. Bear talks about a few more theories.

We've also heard on good authority that Clutchy Hopkins is really the new pseudonym for the once defunct German techno band, Autobahn. So, as always, take these with a grain of salt.